ECHO2D: release of version 3.2

ECHO2D: release of version 3.2

Version 3.2:

  • a bug of mesh creation in ECHOz1 and ECHOz2 is fixed;
  • small changes in GUIs;
  • the manual is updated.

The example with inconsistent results was found by Jean-Yves Raguin (PSI). It was a bug in the mesh creation. Following my debugging expierence with this example I have placed the following text in the manual.

“The codes use a conformal finite-difference method. In the time-domain wake field calculations the mesh resolution with 5 mesh points on the rms bunch length should be enough to obtain accurate results. To check the accuracy I would advice to do 2 tests:

  • for the coarsest mesh resolution to change the bunch offset (with indirect integration algorithm switched on);
  • ¬†double the mesh resolution.

If the first test fails it means that there is a meshing error. In this case change a little the mesh steps to try to avoid it and contact me for fixing a possible bug in the code. If the first test is OK then check the convergence and the accuracy with the second test.”

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