Welcome to my site! The site is created in order to provide support to users of code ECHO (Manual). Program ECHO calculates electromagnetic fields of charged bunches in accelerators.
The package consists of three archives:
Archive ECHO1D.zip contains program ECHO1D which calculates impedances and wakes of rotationally symmetric and rectangular waveguides.
Archive ECHO2D.zip includes three different programs: ECHOz1, ECHOz2 and ECHO2D for rotationally symmetric and rectangular geometries.
Archive ECHO3D.zip contains program ECHO3D for arbitrary three dimensional structures.

Upload your bug reports as zip archives:  Contact/Upload.

Any feedback is welcome and I would like to encourage you to leave your comments!

Terms and Conditions

The program package ECHO can be downloaded free of charge for non-commercial and nonmilitary use. Dissemination to third parties is illegal. The author reserves copyrights and all rights for commercial use for the program package ECHO, parts of the program package and of procedures developed for the program package. The author undertakes no obligation for the maintenance of the program, nor responsibility for its correctness, and accepts no liability whatsoever resulting from its use.

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