ECHO2D: Linux version.

ECHO2D: Linux version.

I have compiled the code ECHO2D for linux. It is thread parallelized. The number of threads is equal to the number of modes. If only one mode is calculated then the code is serial and it will be slower than ECHOz1 or ECHOz2 where the one mode calculation is thread parallelized.

The linux version can be found at  directory Codes/Linux. The examples can be executed with the script available in the local directory ECHO2D of each example.

In the near future I will parallilize one mode calculation at the same way as it is already done for ECHOz1 and ECHOz2.

At the moment the linux version has no GUI. I would advise to do a setup with the windows GUI code and only after visual control that everething is correct to switch to the console version. I hope that a  simple GUI will be added this year to the linux version as well.

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