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11 May 2020. The last Windows version of InitField.exe was incorrect. The bug is fixed. ASCII format for STL files is added.

6 April 2020. The package ECHO3D is updated to include MacOS version.

3 April 2020. The package ECHO3D is updated to version 1.3. New features: field monitors. Several bugs in postprocessing are fixed.

20 February 2020. The package ECHO3D is updated. New features: the mesher is parallelized, a GUI interface bug fixed.

27 January 2019. The package ECHO3D is updated to version 1.2. New features: many materials, GUI interface, new manual.

4 thoughts on “ECHO3D

  1. Dear Prof. Zagorodnov
    That’s so exciting to see your new version of 3D ECHO. Unfortunately, I couldn’t extract the files. It says: The archive is corrupt.

  2. dear professor,
    I am a graduate student of Chinese Academy of Sciences. I’m doing some research about the wakefield.
    firstly,I don’t know what’s wrong with it that I can’t open N5.echo3d on the examples/N5_pohangDechirper for the ECHO3D_v1.2.
    secondly, I’m wondering whether could i use ECHO2D or ECHO3D to simulate with asymmetry?

    thank you so much

    1. I will check the issue. ECHO3D can be used for arbitrary geometry. ECHO2D requires rotationally symmetric or “rectangular” shape. Take a look in the manual to see what “rectangular” means.

      Update. The file “N5.echo3d” contains a setup for the solver with GUI “ECHO3D_GUI.exe”. But do not open it before the mesh and the initial fields are created. To do it simply start “run_GUI.bat”. It will create the mesh and the initial field,and it will start “ECHO3D_GUI.exe”, which should be used now to open “N5.echo3d”

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